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Horse Feeding and Care


Hello, now you want to have fun and this is why you are here and we will not deceive your expectations. We have prepared the most interesting and beautiful game for children. You will love to play with us, you'll be able to learn many things and even you can prepare yourself for when you have a pet. Today you have to take care of our horse. We have to go to work and only you can help us, the horse should not be left alone and certainly very well you will have fun with it. Horses are the most sensitive and intelligent animals. They may become very good friends of man. If you like horses you will enjoy to be with one through this horse care game. Our horse is called Streak because running very fast. You will enjoy to be with him but you must be very attentive to his needs and desires.We wish you success!- Life in the country is great, you will love the fresh air;- You'll know Streak;- He is a horse very nice and friendly;- First you have to build a house for the horse;- Choose the best materials;- You have to make a very strong roof;- Paint the walls;- Fix the gates;- Now you have to clean;- Collect garbage;- Turn off the water tap;- Clean water;- Clean cobweb;- You will now need to build a saddle for the horse;- Choose a good material;- Draw the model;- Now it must mow;- Saddle look great;- Apply gemstones;- Choose the best horseshoes;- Streak wants to eat;- Must provide grass and water;- While eating Streak had an accident and now has thorns;- You must remove the thorns with pliers;- Then you have to disinfect wounds;- Wash with soap and warm water;- Horse hair brush;- Clean water with a clean towel;- You have to do an X-ray;- Make horse anesthesia;- Then check heartbeat;- Choose appropriate accessories for the Streak;- The horse looks great, you did a great job.
We are happy because you are our friend, please come back every day through this kids game.
Have fun!